Sunday, November 14, 2010


I can't help myself.

I am loving Uggs!!! After much complaining yet admiring, and a lot of back-and-forth in my mind, Hubs took me out last night to feed me delicious food and to shop for Uggs. Here's the thing: I get that they're ugly. I really do. But let me tell you something...I put my foot into a pair of black Classic Talls and I thought I saw Jesus. Oh my God, the warmth and the comfort... It was love.

And with that successful trial, my mind was made up. There was only one problem - Bloomingdale's didn't have my size, the bastards! But that's okay, ordering them online is where it's at. And in preparation for the boots, I ordered two fabulous pairs of skinny jeans from Gap today. 

You read that right.  The (formerly?) fat chick bought skinny jeans.  No need to applaud.


Hubs and I got back from a hiking trip to the White Mountains a few weeks ago.  I meant to post pictures but of course I found better things to do.  So here are some highlights:

Lonesome Lake, which is actually a mountain tarn.  We'd already hiked to 2740' at this point.

The view from Lowe's Bald Spot.  This was a LONG hike - 5.5 miles round trip, lots of elevation gained, lots of rock climbing involved.  Exciting!

Square Ledge, one of our favorite hikes.  Short but very steep - a lot of elevation gained over a short distance.  Rock scrambling/climbing involved here.  Love it!

Here I am doing a little scrambling:

 Don't mind the look, I'm a bit tired.  This is after our Lowe's Bald Spot hike...I'm eating a veggie sandwich with hummus on multi-grain bread.  Delicious!

Lowe's Bald spot again.  Yeah, we had to climb that rock.  :)

So what's the point?  The point is that I am so grateful to my body for allowing me to do things like this - for not failing me, for treating me so well even though I spent a lot of time treating her poorly.  It's not quite an unconditional love - Lord knows we CAN do enough to ourselves to cause permanent damage - but it certainly is a forgiving one.

Who's up for a challenge?  My sister and I are!  Our challenge is to lose 15 pounds by Christmas.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!