Monday, May 31, 2010


I just ate a pint of ice cream.

Haagen Dazs Caramel Cone.  All 1120 calories and 70 grams of fat of it.  It's all in my belly.

Wanna know what else is in my belly?

An entire bag of Riceworks Sweet Chili brown rice crisps.  All 700 calories and 30 grams of fat.

Thank God I had corn on the cob and only 2 slices of Kashi Mediterranean pizza for lunch.  And spaghetti squash with marinara and a leafy green salad (no dressing) for dinner.

What's my problem?  It's my mind, that's the problem.  My vacation is coming to a close, and I know that tomorrow I have to get back on the wagon.  Eating a little more while Hubs and I were away wasn't so bad, given the amount and intensity of the activity we were doing every day.  But since Friday I've done nothing but paint our fence and get on the treadmill once.

NOW I'm a little worried for Friday.

All my fault though.  We move on, right?  Tomorrow's a new day.  Felt like I had to confess my "sins" somewhere though.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweet Victory!

Folks, I have been jumping out of my seat for several days. has been just freakin' GLORIOUS.

You wanna know why?

Because on vacation, Hubs and I hiked the Tuckerman Ravine trail (one of the trails that leads to the summit of Mount Washington) up to the Hermit's Shelter for fun.  Yes...for fun.  We did a 2.4-mile rocky hike - 2.4 miles completely uphill, I should add - for shits and giggles.  We gained 1800 feet of elevation over 2.4 miles, which is pretty intense.  We did it for 3 reasons:  1) We're hiking to the summit of Mount Washington (4.2 miles - the remaining 1.8 miles after the Hermit's Shelter on the trail is straight up boulder-climbing) this August with Hubs' brother and a few of his friends.  2) It was a REALLY beautiful day and we knew the view from the top would be worth every step - plus, we had done a 2.5-mile hike with a 2100-foot elevation gain two days prior and were proud that we accomplished it.  We wanted more!  And 3) we wanted to see if we could beat our old time.  We hiked Tuckerman 2 years ago in a Mount Washington summit attempt.  I was 75 pounds heavier and hadn't exercised since college.  It took us 3.5 hours to get to the shelter, and took another hour or two to get one mile up the boulder climb.  A mile into that climb we had to turn back because it was getting too late - we weren't making good time.

We weren't making good time because I had to keep stopping.  I had to keep stopping because my body physically couldn't take the exertion.  I was wheezing, my muscles were aching, I was nauseous, I was dizzy.  Looking back, I have to say that it was a wonder I did as much as I did.  I told Hubs as we were hiking this time that the only thing that probably allowed me to even be able to hike for 6 or 8 hours straight was that I was really active and strong throughout high school and college.  My fat was hiding a pretty good amount of muscle.  This may be all that helped me, but I guess I'll never know.  Because God knows I wasn't working out or training or anything up until that point.  And that wasn't the only hike we'd done...I'd been able to complete some pretty tough ones when I was a chubbly gal.  But the Tuckerman Ravine hike was the one that broke me.  LOL

This time?

2 hours, 10 minutes.  An entire hour and 20 minutes shaved off our time from 2 years ago.  Holy shit...I can't express to you how thrilled I was.  Really!!!  At the beginning of the hike I said to Hubs, "I'm going to say this will take us 3 hours," and that was my mindset.  I stuck to that.  As we were hiking, Hubs was checking his altimeter, saying, "We're getting closer..."  At one point he said, "The shelter should be right around this corner."  I said, only half-joking, "Mike, don't lie, please.  We have an hour to go."  And he said, "No we don't."

I turned the corner and saw the most amazing sight in the world for that moment.  The shelter.  In all of its pine tree-surrounded, blue skied, snowy peaks everywhere glory.  I laughed.  It was pure joy for me right then.  My mouth hung open for about a full minute, and I was just giddy.  I turned to Hubs and said (and pardon my French please...take it in the spirit in which is was intended), "I am f*cking tickled pink right now."

And I was.  And I was proud as hell.  We did a really intense that I had associated with no good memories...simply for the fun, for the effort, for the view.  No other reason.  And it was SO FUN.  We laughed on our way up, we joked around, we enjoyed the scenery.  Hubs said, "When we go home, look at the pictures and watch the videos from this hike two years ago so you can see how miserable you were then.  This is a great victory for you, beautiful."

He was so right. 

Stay Friday is my post-vacation weigh-in!  I ate a lot on vacation, but we hiked HARD for about 4-5 hours a day.  I'm not worried.

Happy holiday weekend!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Late Again!

I'm late posting about my Friday weigh-in again, but that's because I'm lazy.  ;)  Friday morning I woke up feeling puffy and bloated thanks to my period, so I didn't expect much when I got on the scale.  Good thing, because I was 225.4.  Ugh!  1.4 pounds up from last Friday, although to be fair, I ate like a cow last weekend.  But also, I was feeling more bloated than usual because of my period, so I decided to hydrate really well all day ad stay away from sodium as much as I could.  Then I re-weighed myself on Saturday morning with much better results.  I always get on the scale three times for an accurate number, and on Saturday morning I got 223.8, 220.6, and 217.6.  Three REALLY different numbers, so I decided to stick with the 223.8 for my official number.  Not fantastic, but it's still a loss from last Friday!  I know it's not much, only 0.2, but it's something.  I guess I won't be meeting my mini-goal of under 220 before we leave for vacation on Wednesday, but I'm not going to complain.  I feel amazing and I look damn good!  LOL

On Friday I fit into a pair of linen pants (with NO stretch) that I've never been able to fit into before.  Two weeks ago I tried them on and they zipped and buttoned, but I didn't feel really comfortable in them.  On Friday they fit beautifully.  I love this.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fat Fingers

Oh my.  I am retaining so much water!  But first, my official weigh-in on Friday gave me a weight of 224.  Not bad!  It's certainly not a huge loss, but it's a loss nontheless and I'll take it.  Especially considering that I ate quite a bit of food the weekend before, and a little bit into the week.  Most notably, I had ice cream two days in a row - Sunday and Monday, and Monday I had a delicious pasta dinner at my in-laws.  But that's all over now, and I dropped 0.2 pounds.

Now, this Friday I may not be so lucky.  Here's the thing.  On Friday, it was someone's last day at work and some "kind" soul brought in a tray of muffins.  I truthfully only had about a 2-inch piece of a muffin.  That was very good.  Hubs and I went out for dinner later that night, but I didn't overindulge too badly.

Saturday, however, was my sister's 18th birthday.  Big day!  So big, in fact, that I celebrated with a bagel for breakfast, pizza and French fries for lunch, the biggest piece of thickly-iced birthday cake that you ever did see, and then I came home to enjoy some Doritos and another little bit of birthday cake. 

This morning I woke up and my engagement and wedding rings are barely moving.  LOL  I feel gross, but not gross enough to not have a piece of cake for breakfast, plus some Doritos at around 9:30 AM.  Who does that?  Really, who eats Doritos in the morning?  I do, apparently.  And I can't believe I offered to take a piece of cake home with us yesterday!  Gosh, how ridiculous.  It's just so damn good.

Today we'll be celebrating Mother's Day with my in-laws (yesterday we celebrated with my mom), and said celebration will include an Italian feast and dessert of some kind.

We all have to live a little, right?  I may not be thrilled on Friday, but it is what it is.  Life happens, and sometimes I want to enjoy it with food.  So sue me.  ;)