Sunday, May 16, 2010

Late Again!

I'm late posting about my Friday weigh-in again, but that's because I'm lazy.  ;)  Friday morning I woke up feeling puffy and bloated thanks to my period, so I didn't expect much when I got on the scale.  Good thing, because I was 225.4.  Ugh!  1.4 pounds up from last Friday, although to be fair, I ate like a cow last weekend.  But also, I was feeling more bloated than usual because of my period, so I decided to hydrate really well all day ad stay away from sodium as much as I could.  Then I re-weighed myself on Saturday morning with much better results.  I always get on the scale three times for an accurate number, and on Saturday morning I got 223.8, 220.6, and 217.6.  Three REALLY different numbers, so I decided to stick with the 223.8 for my official number.  Not fantastic, but it's still a loss from last Friday!  I know it's not much, only 0.2, but it's something.  I guess I won't be meeting my mini-goal of under 220 before we leave for vacation on Wednesday, but I'm not going to complain.  I feel amazing and I look damn good!  LOL

On Friday I fit into a pair of linen pants (with NO stretch) that I've never been able to fit into before.  Two weeks ago I tried them on and they zipped and buttoned, but I didn't feel really comfortable in them.  On Friday they fit beautifully.  I love this.

Happy Sunday!

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Barbara said...

It's amazing how even a 0.2 pound loss can seem fantastic after a slight bump up in the weight! What really mattes is that there is a minus sign rather than a plus sign, right?

You are so refreshingly honest -- I *never* admit to being lazy!

Have a great vacation!