Friday, November 6, 2009


I'm the worst! I meant to post here on Tuesday after my weigh-in, but I've been so busy with NaNoWriMo that I completely forgot. I come home from work and have to write some words, but it has to be in my novel and not here if I want to make the NaNoWriMo goal. So far it's going really well, I've got over 36,000 words. I'm so excited!

So a little backpedaling here. Tuesday's weigh-in was a success - 240.4. So I lost almost 2 pounds since the Tuesday before. Yay! (The weight in my first blog post was my Friday weight, NOT my Tuesday weight. That's why there's a discrepancy.) And I've been sticking to the vow I made about not allowing myself crappy food even if it fits into my calorie amount for the day, and it's really been working! I haven't had any cravings all week and I've been staying on track and doing really well. Some days this is effortless...other times it's like pulling teeth. I'm grateful for the former this week!

My sister and I do our official weigh-in on Tuesday, but we do a mid-week weigh in on Fridays as well. My Friday weigh-in, which is today? 235. I am SO not kidding!!! :D And I know it looks like a huge drop, but my scale was doing funny things on Tuesday; I could have been either 240.4 or I could have been 238.2. It kept jumping back and forth, so I just went with the higher number. I've gone with the lower number before and have been totally disappointed. LOL Today I weighed myself 3 times and got 235, 235, and 233.8. So I figure best 2 out of 3, right? And I know I seem like I'm obsessesd, weighing myself 3 times, but I swear I'm not crazy. Just trying to get the most accurate number!

Today I'm off from work, so I'm hoping that I don't get tempted by stuff in the house. I didn't wake up craving stuff like I did last week though, so I'm feeling optimistic. Tonight is my Cheat Meal and I'm really looking forward to it! LOL It helps me stay on track during the week, and it will be especially helpful to remember if I get cravings today.

So...let's look at the numbers. I've decided to incorporate my BMI in here too, mostly because I'm so excited about it! Who gets excited about a BMI? LOL Well, mine finally isn't terribly gross anymore, so I'M excited. ;)

Current Weight: 235

High Weight: 298.2

Goal Weight: 190
Current BMI: 34.7

High BMI: 42.5

My goal is to be 220 by Christmas. Here's to working hard!


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