Monday, November 23, 2009

Mama's Angry

Oh, she is.

Why is Mama angry? I'll tell you. My fat ass got on the scale yesterday to see a lovely weight of 237. Oh, I was pissed. Because other than my cheat meal on Friday, I have been on plan like it's my job. And yeah, the cheat meal was a big one, but...4 pounds worth? No. And I hydrated the day before yesterday like crazy and stuck to plan completely, taking in less than 1350 calories that day. So when I saw those numbers, I almost shit a brick. (Which would have made me weigh less. Hmmm. An idea for next time.)

Both Hubs and my sister said, "Why did you weigh yourself? You don't weigh-in until Friday!" Yeah, I know...but I'd been doing so well, and I felt SO good when I woke up that I actually really wanted to get on the scale. I thought I'd see something good for sure. Oh, imagine my horror. And with Thanksgiving coming up and a weekend in New York City right after that with Hubs, I'm simultaneously disgusted and terrified.

So what will I do? I will avoid. I will avoid the scale like the plague. Hubs and my sister both told me not to weigh-in until next Friday, December 4th. I may do that, or I may get on the scale Thanksgiving morning to stay accountable (I won't get on the day after Thankgiving). I know I won't see a huge drop, if I even see anything, but at least I won't feel bad for staying off the scale for almost a full 2 weeks. I don't know...I'll think about it. I'll have to decide which will be less psychologically damaging.

In other news, I have become ADDICTED to canned pumpkin. I caught myself eating it out of the can yesterday with a little Splenda and cinnamon. I seriously ate about 1/2 of a cup of pumpkin that way, and yes, I added it into my calories for the day. A whopping 40, by the way. But I've been making oatmeal with it, using it in my Hungry Girl Brownie Muffins, and tonight I'm making a Hungry Girl recipe for pumpkin crunchers. I. LOVE. PUMPKIN. So imagine my dismay when I got a Hungry Girl e-mail today telling me that, because of heavy rains, Libby's will stop harvesting pumpkin this year! Oh...I CANNOT risk missing out on pumpkin until next year's harvest. Not's too important to me. So what did I do? I ordered 12 29 oz. cans online today. Yep...348 ounces of pumpkin, coming to my house in just a short week or two. Color me freakin' EXCITED. :)

Almost makes me forget about my hideous weight. Wheeee!


Tonight for dinner? A Hungry Girl Mexi-Tato (277 calories). And I'm baking Hubs some blueberry scones and making myself pumpkin crunchers. Hungry Girl = AWESOME.

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