Monday, November 2, 2009

A Good Day...Finally!

I'm proud of myself for not being an oinker today. I had an epiphany this morning, though it wasn't really epiphany-worthy. I've been fooling myself as to why eating healthy has been difficult for me lately. I've been telling myself lies, mostly.

"I have no idea WHAT the problem is!"

"I have my period."

"I don't know why I'm eating all of those Doritos. Maybe my sodium is low."

Yeah, okay. Or maybe I'm a food addict. Because here's the thing... If I don't eat those foods, I don't crave them! I really don't. But if I eat one Dorito, or one chocolate chip cookie, I unleash that monkey on my back. So I vowed that today would be different, and it was!

I usually have no problem staying I'm track when I'm at work because I'm always so busy, but when I'm home, I'm distracted by all the yumminess we have in the house! Because even though I'm trying to eat healthy I don't force Hubs to snack on the things that I keep around. Which, by the way, aren't berries and twigs. But Hubs is a big fan of MSG and preservatives, which is fine...I just have to stay away from that stuff because it fuels my addiction. But anyway, I got home from work super early today and was a little worried about myself. It was all good, though!

For breakfast, on my way to work, I had a coffee with some organic half & half and Splenda with Fiber. I also ate a serving of dry Gluten-Free O's that we get from our supermarket. I don't know the brand, but I know that it's good! There's only 110 calories in two-thirds of a cup, which is a lot of cereal.

I got to work and found out that I was pretty much just going to turn around and come home. LOL On my way home I was craving something sweet...all psychological, by the way, and probably having everything to do with the shit I ate this weekend. To feed my need, I had a mini Clif bar for 100 calories.

Got home and had to run some errands, but after that errands I had a container of vegan Tortilla Soup by Dr. McDougall for lunch. I don't know who the hell Dr. McDougall is, but I know he makes a damn good soup for 200 calories! Lots of cilantro, and it tastes really salty but barely has any sodium added. Plus, it's super filling. I snacked on organic baby carrots and a Light Babybel cheese in the afternoon. For dinner I had Cedar Lane Spinach and Cheese Tamales, which are pretty standard for me. They're 330 calories and keep me full for a while - no easy feat. For dessert I had a half a serving of Green & Black's Organic Chocolate with toffee pieces. I usually go for their 85% dark chocolate, but I was in the mood for the creamy stuff tonight.

So far I'm at 1100 calories. I have about 180 left before I hit my limit for the day and it's only 6:20 maybe more food to come. But whatever it is, it WON'T be something I shouldn't eat. No food crack for me today, I need to reset my brain.

And tomorrow is weigh-in day! Stay tuned. :)

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