Friday, November 13, 2009


Okay, folks. Today's weigh in? 233.8. That's 1.2 down from last Friday! :) I'm totally stoked. And I've decided to make Friday my Official Weigh-In day for reasons discussed here.

Today I was going to talk about fruits and vegetables, and I also wanted to touch on the lies that we tell ourselves when we're overweight and dieting...but I'm just too exhausted. I'm sorry, but I can't do it. :(

Quick run down of my food today. Fage and raspberries again for breakfast, a Kashi Chocolate Peanut Butter Go Lean bar (not terrible but not perfect...I'll talk about that at a different time) for lunch, an apple, a Light Babybel cheese, and a mini Clif bar for snacks. Dinner? Cheat meal: 3 Pizza Hut breadsticks and 3 SMALL pieces of pizza - thin crust, NO cheese. Total calories for the day, counting my cheat meal? 1491. 1491!!! WITH a cheat meal! I don't feel terribly guilty now.

Okay...more tomorrow, I promise. Too tired tonight...


The Numbers

Current Weight: 233.8

High Weight: 298.2

Total Loss: 64.4


Holla!!!! :D

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