Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Donut? Why, yes, I'll have TWO!

Yeah, I ate a donut today.

It's actually the second day in a row that I ate a donut. Let me explain.

Yesterday the folks at work threw a party for me because I'm leaving the rotation site. There was pizza, pasta, oily salads, chicken wings...and thank you Jesus, there was turkey and celery sticks, which is what I ate for lunch. There was also sweet potato pie, which I didn't touch. (Thank you very much.) But one of the guys bought me three buttercream-filled donuts from an incredibly good bakery nearby; I'd never had anything from there, but this guy and several other people told me it would be the best donut I ever ate.

Who am I to argue, right?

So, I ate one. And you know, it was totally worth the calories and I didn't feel bad about it. I added the calorie amount (estimated at 330) into my Lose It! app on my iTouch and it was done with. I felt fine. I brought the other two donuts home and told Hubs they were all his. The three donuts were all different - they all had this awesome buttercream filling, but one was glazed, one was powdered, and one had chocolate on top. I ate the glazed one at the party, and Hubs took the powdered one for breakfast this morning. The chocolate one was left, and though it was calling my name a bit, I resisted it.

Today I got home early, so I baked Hubs and I some Hungry Girl Snazzy Blueberry Scones for dessert tonight - 125 calories each! I had to run some errands this afternoon but had one when I got home. They are SO delicious! Added into my calories and I was good.

So everything was going fine...until Hubs called and told me he was on his way home. I asked him how his donut was this morning and of course he said it was delicious. And then, of course, all I could think about was how delicious those donuts actually were. And wouldn't you know it? The chocolate one started SCREAMING to me. I thought about resisting it, but then I thought, "How often do I get donuts? Never. And this is the best donut in the world!"

And so I ate it. In all of its 330-calorie glory, I ATE IT. And I'm kind of angry with myself, but only because it brings me to 1391 calories for the day, which is about 100 more than I would have liked. That's including dinner, by the way - Hungry Girl Rockin' and Choppin' Taco Salad for 286 calories. So while it's not the worst thing in the world, it's not exactly something to be proud of.

But at least they're gone. (A fucking dysfunctional dieting mantra, I swear.)

In other news, I used to weigh myself every day. I thought I was doing myself a favor by keeping track, but really the fluctuations were driving me insane! So I vowed to only weigh myself twice a week, and so far I've been happy.


I got on the scale this morning and it said 236, and I almost shit a brick. Which is a nice segue into actually talking about shit, as in I hadn't done it in three days. Hubs gave me some herbal thing to take last night and I shat THREE TIMES over the course of the day. However...236 is disugsting considering I was 233.8 on Friday. So I was pissed. Yeah, I had a donut yesterday, but it wasn't a 7,000 calorie donut, causing me to gain 2 pounds. I couldn't understand it - I'd been eating well, drinking my water, all that good stuff. And I highly doubted that I had a 2-pound shit sitting in my intestines.

Good news though, disguised as a pain in my ass. My period came! massive weight gain (hopefully) explained. I'm drinking water like a crazy person now because I don't want any nasty bloat affecting my weigh-in on Friday.

Ah well. The ups and downs. ;)

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