Monday, November 16, 2009

Quick Fun Something

Okay...I don't have time to write a whole entry right now, but I convinced Hubs to buy me the Hungry Girl cookbook yesterday during our Barnes and Noble outing. You have to understand something about me lest you think Hubs is miserly. I don't cook. EVER. I bake like Betty Crocker, but I can't do that as often anymore or else I'd never have lost weight! But really...I don't cook. So Hubs was a little suspect about the whole purchase, and I don't blame him. Before we left Barnes and Noble, I told him I was going to make dinner for him today - Loaded 'N Oated Veggie Pizza and Lord of the Onion Rings.

Those are not my pictures, of course. They were thieved from Google Images. But nonetheless, my food didn't look much different! And you know what? Hubs said it was delicious and he'd have it again. And so would I!

(And sorry for the weird placement of the pictures. I'm not adept at this yet. Hubs is a software developer and could totally fix my retardedness, but I try not to make him do work at home.)

The pizza has 231 calories, and an entire serving of onion rings has 153, but we split that. So we had a total of about 308 calories for a TON of food. Oh, and 19 grams of fiber! Can you believe that?! That's enormous. Right now, an hour later, my dinner is still keeping my (ever-shrinking) belly full.

Another thing I love about the Hungry Girl cookbook is that most of the recipes are for 1 or 2 people, although there are some for more. But it's nice because when you're only cooking for two, it sucks to make a big huge recipe.

Yay for Hungry Girl! My next endeavor will be the Snazzy Blueberry Scones - 125 calories each! Can't beat it. :) Oh, and for dinner...look at me, thinking of dessert first...we're going to do the Rockin' and Choppin' Taco Salad for 286 calories and 12 grams of fiber. Love this book. :D

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