Sunday, March 14, 2010


Ugh, I'm so ASHAMED!

I had an absolutely horrible food weekend. LOL I really, really did. So horrible, in fact, that I may skip the scale tomorrow morning. I know that's bad...don't judge me.

Friday night Hubs and I went out with friends of ours - our chiropractor and his wife, actually. We went to an amazing restaurant that he raved about a few months ago and really enjoyed it! It was Mexican food, absolutely freakin' delicious. We had tableside guacamole, I had a chicken burrito, we also shared some Mexi-Fries...oh, and I had TWO margaritas. Count 'em...two. One Key West frozen maragarita, which tasted kind of pina colada-y, and an avocado margarita. I know that sounds bizarre, but it was so great! And I comforted myself by thinking of the health benefits of the avocado. ;) For dessert I had one scoop of fried ice cream.

Saturday was Hubs' birthday celebration with his parents. Oh God, I was a disaster. Lots of cheese and crackers before dinner, and 3 glasses of wine... Dinner was a scoop of eggplant parm and a rather hefty scoop of rigatoni with meat sauce. Dessert was chocolate cream pie.

Christ almighty...writing this all out makes me feel even worse! LOL

Today I said "Screw it." That wasn't smart. Breakfast was coffee, then Hubs and I got busy with errands. Lunch was some leftover eggplant parm. I had a mid-day snack that was actually a very healthy sandwich, only about 200 calories - it was all-natural turkey breast (40 calories), a Garlic and Herb Laughing Cow wedge (35 calories), lettuce, and pickled jalapenos on a whole grain bagel thin (110 calories). Dinner was leftover rigatoni with meat sauce, but a pretty small portion...and kale chips!!! Oh my God, YUMMY. Hubs and I made those for the first time last week and we can't get enough! Not a bad snack to love, that's for sure. We simply rip off the leaves, spray them with a tiny bit of organic olive oil, and sprinkle them with sea salt. Bake at 375 for 15 minutes. Amazing!!!

There were a few piece of chocolate peppered in throughout the day...and a few Doritos. *hides in shame*

You see? Tomorrow has to be better, no excuses. But no weigh-in either...I can't do that to myself. I know it's terrible to skip...I'll never do it again!

Happy Daylight Savings!!! :D

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Miss M.J. Ma'am said...

Well, I think they will HAVE to weigh me at the zoo..... I just fell off for some reason. I hate it when I know what I need to to do, and something (me!) takes over and BAM I'm eating fries. Dammit Jim!