Monday, July 19, 2010

Linen Pants

Folks, I'm back from vacation...perhaps not exactly skinnier than before, but definitely back.  We had an awesome time at the beach, and I consumed enough calories to power a small village for at least a week.  I didn't have any majorly disgusting binges or anything, just a lot of eating here and there, grazing on high-calorie, high-fat, processed crap.  I'm actually feeling good about getting back on the wagon, if you can believe that!  I'm sure that feeling will last all of a week or so.  ;)

Here's the good news though:  My linen pants, which I'm not sure if I've referenced in the past, still fit.  Quick linen pants back story for you...I bought a pair of these gorgeous, off-white pants about 5 years ago.  Linen, no stretch, very pricey.  That last fact was unfortunate though, because the pants never fit me.  But of course I never took them back - instead, I always told myself that I would lose a few pounds to fit into them and that they would be my motivation...

...hahahaha!!!  Oh, that's hysterical.  Oh God, ouch...I think my side actually hurts from laughing.  Too funny.  But that's actually what happened.

So anyway, I've been trying these pants on periodically throughout my weight loss.  At one point I couldn't get them higher than my knees.  A few months ago I could pull them up over my ass but it looked like I was trying to cram 10 pounds of meat into a 5 pound sack.  They zipped and buttoned but I still looked gross.  Then about a month or two ago I tried them on again - the number on the scale has essentially been the same since Christmas, mind you - and they buttoned, zipped, AND looked amazing.  And so to celebrate the fact that they still fit, I'm wearing them today.  :)  Comfortable as ever.

I'm back on track today, but it sucks a big one.  I'm hungry, I'm low on energy, and the fact that these pants still fit makes me want to go out and have a salty, fatty dinner with Hubs.  (I guess so I can eventually make them NOT fit again?)  Damn linen pants!  They're a double-edged sword.

Official weigh-in this Friday.  Stay tuned!


Barbara said...

Oh! I got to get me a pair of linen pants ... just so I can be motivated. The only pants I've bought lately are men's "Comfy" pants (read: loose and stretchy) from Habands online (yes, men's pants for ME).

Congratulations on still fitting into them, even after a vacation. You must have been doing better than you thought.

Can't wait to see the results on Friday....

Best Kept Secrets said...

Congrats!! That is soo exciting! Good job. I just joined a gym, almost 2 weeks in and already down 4lbs!!! wooo Keep up the good work.