Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Return of the Purple Monster

Happy Wednesday, folks!  First and foremost, thanks to the few and the proud who welcomed me back.  :)  It was so nice to see that you guys were still here!  Barbara, you were right about that blogging every day thing...that's way too ambitious for me!  It's evidenced by the fact that I said I'd be blogging daily starting Monday, and now it's Wednesday.  You've probably noticed that I didn't post my weight, but that's because I'm not weighing in until Friday. I figure that instead of traumatizing myself, I'll get on the scale after 5 days of peeing and pooing and getting on the wagon a bit. It's just better for my mental health that way.

Things have been going quite well since Monday.  Lots of good food, 5-9 fruits and veggies, and I'm finally pooing normally again.  Sorry if that's too much, but I gotta tell you...a great way for me to tell if my diet sucks is whether I'm pooing or not.  When I don't get enough fruits or veggies, everything likes to stay in my cozy digestive tract, which makes me uncomfortable and angry.  So yay for a normal poo schedule!  My only challenge lately - well, since the summer, really - has been getting in 64 ounces of water a day.  I was always so good with that, but since July I've been doing all outpatient work, and I just don't have the kind of time I had before to use the bathroom.  Isn't that pathetic?  But seriously, if I peed as much as I do when I drink all that water, I'd never get out of work on time.  So I've been getting in about 52 or so...not terrible, but I could do better.  I've also upped my coffee intake from 20 ounces to 40 ounces, but they say an extra cup or two is good for you.  ;)  I certainly feel more alert!

Some of you might remember when I tried my hand at blending fruits and veggies into a smoothie and came up with the Purple Monster.  Well, it's back and better than ever!  I took a few pictures of it because I was proud of how healthy it looked.  The pictures suck, but luckily this isn't a photography blog.

Here it is chilling out in the blender:

For two Purple Monsters (Hubs wanted one!) - 2 cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 2 big handfuls of spinach, 2 bananas, and 2 cups of frozen blueberries.  It was seriously awesome!

Here it is all blended up and looking lovely:

Oh my gosh, it was so good.  I really enjoyed it!

Interesting tidbit:  Hubs and I were in the White Mountains last week doing some snowshoeing.  On Thursday I bent down to tighten my strap while we were hiking and a stick poked me right in the eye.  I said, "If I didn't have more respect for nature I'd break that f*cking thing in half."  Well, Mother Nature heard me.  I started having photosensitivity and tearing of my eye on Saturday, and when I finally went to the ophthalmologist on Monday (because it was still horrible) I found out I have a nasty corneal abrasion.  So now I'm on antibiotics for it.  So anyway, my vision was a little blurry and I was cutting something on Monday night with our Ginsu knife...and I went nearly through the tip of my finger.  It was absolutely ridiculous.  So I have a corneal abrasion, I'm on Augmentin for a sinus infection (that's already cleared), and I have a Band-Aid on my left index finger covering a gross wound.  Which leads me to...

Fun fact o' the day:  Yesterday at work I smelled marijuana all morning.  I thought all of my patients were smoking pot.  You know what it was though?  It was the smell of my Band-Aid.  Yep, my Band-Aid (a clean one, mind you, not a grody old dirty one) smelled like marijuana.  Who knew?

Goodnight!  :)


LABleedsBlue said...

I love the title of this blog! It made me laugh out loud!

I didn't post my weight either. Maybe after I lose 50 lbs I'll post mine! ;)

Yay for normal poo schedule!

I've unknowlingly upped my coffee from one to three-four cups a day. We got one of those Keurig coffee makers for Christmas and it's just so convenient to pop it in and go 30 seconds later. I have definitely got to cut it back because I pee way too much.

The smoothie looks amazing! I can't believe spinach is in it!

You need to be wrapped in bubble wrap the rest of this week just to make sure nothing else is around the corner! I hope you heal quickly with your pot-smelling bandaids! haha!

Randy said...

See? These are the kinds of posts that make blogging fun... frank dieting tricks regarding bodily functions, cussing out mother nature, corneal abrasions, and a Rachael Ray-style foodie "how-to" on Purple Monsters just thrown in because why the hell not??

You've made my day!

I'm going to have to share your recipe with my wife.. she loves smoothies and actually needs some good recipes these days. She actually had to run out to 7-eleven to get a slurpee tonight because it was just necessary. Must be a pregnant thing!