Friday, February 5, 2010


Here's the thing: I hate exercising.

I do. I hate it with a passion. I have been exercising for 2 months now (give me a gold star, right?), and I can tell you that in no way am I "addicted" to it. It takes every ounce of resolve I have to drag my ass downstairs to our treadmill. I then have to find it in me to get ON the treadmill, crank that baby up to 5.5, and run.

It sucks.

But I will say this... The way I feel after I exercise is amazing. My body feels good and healthy, my lungs feel like they can take in more air. My muscles hurt, but it's a good hurt; they're telling me that they appreciate the chance to work, that they are glad for the chance to get healthier, too.

Two days ago at work I had to climb two flights of stairs. To those of you who have always been physically active, this prospect is barely a blip in your very active radar. But for me it's a big deal. I work in a hospital, and we're always going from floor to floor. I'm not going to be the only doctor that takes the elevator to go from the first to the third floor. But in the past, I would do that if there was no one around. Or if I could think of a good enough excuse, like I hurt my knee (not) exercising the weekend before. Some lie that would make it sound like I was wounded in battle, and of course for the greater good. But really it was just that I was a cow, and I'm not really sure who I thought I was fooling back then.

But anyway, yes...the stairs. I climbed them with a colleague of mine, a doctor 4 years older than me and very fit. I thought to myself, Don't even breathe heavy, Sunshine...Don't even break a sweat.

And you know what? I didn't. HE did, but I didn't. I got to the top of the steps and the muscles in my legs didn't hurt, they felt strong and reliable. My lungs felt even more clear, like I had gotten the chance to move some of the stale air that had been collecting in the bottom of them after I had been sitting and looking through a chart for a good 20 minutes. I used to ALWAYS sit around, and for a lot longer than 20 minutes. I can't imagine how desperate my lungs were for a fresh, deep breath.

This is why I exercise. Do I like it? Oh, hell no I don't. Do I think it's impacting my weight loss? Honestly, not really. But the feeling...that's incomparable.

Happy weekend!!! :D


Emily said...

I couldn't agree more!! From going to sitting on the couch to working out - it just seems like a chore that you don't want to do! said...

Good for you! I am one of the lucky ones who loves to excercise. As you get more along with it you should try a vast variety and I bet you will eventually find something you love. Maybe it will be running, but maybe it will be Taebo or Kickboxing or yoga or swimming. If all I ever had to do was run on the treadmill, I would never excercise!

barbara said...

Argh... I can totally relate. I'm old (60) and fat (210) and haven't started exercising yet but I know I'm going to have to if I ever want to be able to bend over to paint my toenails again.

But HOW do you force yourself to do it when you hate it as much as you do? I can't seem to summon up the will power for it!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for taking the stairs! Last week the elevators were out and everyone had to walk up - I couldn't believe how many people who were thin were huffing and puffing!

So just because you are thin, doesn't mean you are healthy or in shape - it actually made me feel better about myself! :D

Miss M.J. Ma'am said...

I just found your site, and love it!I started exercising last month, and I'm amazed how my body responds.....I just crave more. I walk 45-60 minutes a day now. I'm 57, and it's not easy to lose weight at my age, but I'm aiming for fit, not thin! Long road, but small steps, big rewards!

Nicole said...

Thank you, I'm glad you like it! I went to post something on your blog too but the link didn't work. I'll try again later though for sure. :)

Love what you said about small steps, big rewards! A great thing to keep in mind. I'm so glad you're finding success!

Thanks for visiting!