Monday, February 1, 2010


I'm still 233.8. But I'm totally not upset. Know why? Because I didn't gain, and I had been going a little overboard before I recommitted recently. But it's okay! Because everything is going well. :)

Today I had a horrible coffee and a Clif Z bar for breakfast. Lunch was Fage 0%, 1/4 cup Nutty American Trek Mix, and a V8 Fusion. Snacks on my commute home were an apple, baby carrots, and a Light Babybel cheese. Dinner was an Amy's veggie burrito; for after-dinner foodage I had some peanut butter crackers and a Trader Joe's Cranberry Apple Bran muffin. They are SO GOOD.

This was all for a total of 1275. Who's complaining? Not me!!! :)

Also, I have to put this in... I won my first contest EVER over on Monica's blog. Go visit. It's lots of fun over there!!!

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