Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm the Worst!

What a horrible blogger I've been! Gosh, it's been over a week. I swear I'll never do that again!

I had a really great week and I'm feeling newly committed. My sister, who is with me on this weight loss journey, and I had a big conversation last weekend. She's been having a hard time staying on track, which I can completely relate to. My weekends had turned into all-out foodfests, and while it didn't make me gain in the grand scheme of things, it sure wasn't helping me lose. After talking, we both realized that we had to stop making stupid decisions and really just give this damn thing our all. Christmas has passed, I have no longer-than-a-weekend vacations coming up until May, and that means there aren't any really challenging "eating occasions" to contend with any time soon. We each only have about 40 pounds to lose - we could do that in 5 months if we work hard. That's 20 weeks! That's NOTHING! And by the time summer and our beach vacation roll around, we can be FINISHED. That's enough motivation to recommit and start kicking it up a notch.

So what are we doing? Well, the Friday weigh-in is gone for good. Looking back at that decision, it was made out of a very non-committed place. If I weighed myself on Friday, I could have a really lax weekend and then do a stellar job during the week. By the time Friday came, my weekend weight would most likely be gone and I would see probably a pound less on the scale. While that might be an easier and more fun way to go about my diet, it's not exactly healthy...and it's not changing my eating habits much either. And when it comes down to it, this is a "lifestyle change", in the immortal words of dieters everywhere. But it really is.

SO. Weigh-in day is back to Monday, and if I screw up over the weekend, well, I have to be accountable to myself, to Hubs, to my sister, and to the public. And when you're going to broadcast your weight for the world to read, you don't want to do a crappy job. I don't want to do a crappy job for myself either, but sometimes I need a little more motivation than that! Especially since I'm feeling really good now, looking good in all of my clothes that didn't fit before, and being happy with what I see in the mirror. But even though 230 pounds looks okay on me, it's still not a number that I want to see on the scale, nor do I want my doctor to see it. Because regardless of whether or not I look good, I know the weight's not healthy.

Speaking of healthy, Couch to 5 K is going great! I ran my longest interval yet yesterday, and while most of you runners would laugh, 5 minutes is a long time for me. LOL I've said it before, but it bears repeating...I'm so proud of what I can do. I really am! Today will be running for 8-minute intervals, so it will definitely be challenging for me. But I can do it, and that's amazing for me.

Today so far I had my favorite new breakfast combination: Fage non-fat yogurt with 1/4 cup blueberries and 1/4 cup Trader Joe's Nutty American Trek Mix. Plus a coffee with organic half and half, all for a total of 290 calories. This afternoon we're heading to my in-laws to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday. My mother-in-law is awesome and knows I'm dieting, so she'll be grilling some chicken and having veggies and a salad along with some of the other stuff I'll avoid, like spare ribs and mashed potatoes. She's also making a pistachio cake for my brother-in-law, which thankfully I don't care for so I won't be tempted! I may have a taste of the icing though. I have to be honest with myself. ;)

I'll be back tomorrow with the numbers. Enjoy your Sunday! :)

Oh, one important addition... I took 5 pairs of pants to the tailor last week, because obviously I need them taken in. He is taking 5.5 inches off the waists. That's victory!!!

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