Friday, January 1, 2010

Potato Chips Suck

Ugh...I have eaten so many servings of potato chips today. Seriously, I've had sour cream and onion Utz, sour cream and cheddar Ruffles, and some kind of all-natural barbecue waffle fries... All-natural or not, it's still disgusting.

Let me backtrack a bit...

Firstly, I DID weigh myself Christmas Eve and was 228.6. Not quite at my Christmas Eve goal of 224, but to be honest I didn't deserve to hit it with the way I'd been eating. You can tell from the few times that I posted while we were on vacation that I didn't do so well there either. Well, when I weighed myself this morning I was 238.6.

Did I freak out? Nah. Why? Because I know for a fact that I was active just about every day on vacation, and I also know that I didn't eat an extra 35,000 calories in the span of one week.

The probable culprit? Hey, some of it is probably real weight, and I'm okay with that. I enjoyed myself. But also, we ate every meal out and I barely hydrated. I noticed that I was thirsty almost constantly each day. I never wanted to drink too much because if we were out hiking somewhere, I didn't want to have to pull my ski pants, base layer, and underwear down and cop a squat in the VERY deep snow. I know that wasn't the smartest move considering we were active, but I did always have a lot of water with me. Also, in going from place to place we spent over an hour on the Kancamagus Highway just about each time. There aren't many warm places to pee on the Kanc, and when I hydrate properly I pee about every hour or so. I really didn't want to have to keep stopping and squatting, whether we were driving or hiking.

Anyway, we weren't supposed to be coming home until today or tomorrow, but New England is getting a pretty big storm this weekend and Hubs wanted to make sure we beat it. We got back yesterday around noon but I didn't really salvage the day, to be honest. I'm doing better today, but I told myself this morning that I would hydrate, exercise, and at least eat well until dinner...all until Monday. Monday I'm returning to my original plan hardcore. But I didn't want to have to count my dinner calories this weekend because Hubs and I wanted to go out a few times.

(I know some people don't agree with waiting for a special date, but I do, and it's what works for me. If I had to start today, at the beginning of a 3-day weekend, I'd feel very discouraged. So hey...small steps, all right? ;) )

I did really well today, except for the chips...LOL I had one piece of Ezekiel bread toasted with about a tablespoon of almond butter for breakfast, and my oatmeal concoction for lunch. Plus I did 30 minutes on the treadmill today for the first day of the Couch to 5K program! I'm really excited about this. Right now, I'm loving the intervals; just when I feel like I can't run anymore, it's time to walk! LOL I was really proud of myself and of my body today. I was glad it was able to do what it did. I can't wait for the next workout!

So, my 2010 resolutions?

- To try to be more graceful, kind, and compassionate. I had to try it at the grocery store today - instead of being frustrated at someone for having their cart blocking the entire aisle, I just kindly said, "Excuse me," and smiled. I was surprised at how much easier that was than to shoot someone a dirty look, as if their world should revolve around me. And 95% of the time I got a nice response, and even some smiles. And sure, I think when you're always kind and forgiving you can be made a fool of sometimes (doesn't that sound horrible?), but it's just so much less WORK to be nice. Takes a lot of effort to feel angry all the time.

- To be more patient and tolerant at home. I can be tough to live with sometimes...ask Hubs. ;) I often feel unlovable and really seem to enjoy projecting that onto Hubs, and that has to come to a screeching halt.

And finally...

- No more potato chips. I'm a big fan of "everything in moderation", but unfortunately I can't do moderation with potato chips. They need to go, totally and completely, until I hit my goal weight. Then and only then will I consider introducing them into my diet again. They're my weakness, and my addiction to them is stronger than me. I wouldn't ask a newly recovered alcoholic to go sit in a bar and have just one drink, so I'm not going to have just one chip. Can't do it.

Official weigh-in next Friday! The holidays will be over, I'll be back on track, ,and I'll feel better to do it then. So I'm going to wait until then to post the numbers.

Happy New Year!