Friday, June 18, 2010

Get Foxy? Get Going!!!

Oh man...I'm the worst.  I really am!  And it's kind of funny to me that I'm such a big, lazy loser.  Allow me to explain.

So, my whole Get Foxy! plan has come to a screeching halt.  Why?  Meh...because some days I just don't feel like doing certain things.  LOL  No, really!!!  The very lovely and successful Barbara over at the Pound-a-Week blog asked if I was totally giving up refined sugar for the plan.  The truth is, Barbara, that I was - I had given it up approximately a year ago when I began losing weight and didn't have it for a few months.  It was good for me at that time because I really had to get rid of what I saw as my addiction to white sugar and white flour.  It was helpful, and I'd definitely recommend it!

Now, however, I feel as if I have more of a handle on myself.  Is this a dangerous thought?  Oh, perhaps.  But you know, sometimes I really want a sugar-free double chocolate chip muffin, and if I'm not eating refined flour or sugar, I can't have it.  Then, in order to make up for it, I graze - I eat a little of this, a little of that, a bite of this - in order to try to put to death a craving that I have for something very specific.  But of course, the craving never really dies and I end up eating a bunch of other stuff that's not satisfying me.  What a waste, right?

I've also not been completely successful with the exercise, a fact that is not shattering my world.  Because really, when I get home at 7 or 7:30 at night and have to get up at 4:45 the next morning, don't think I'm going to spend 30 minutes of my free time exercising.  Not going to happen!  That time is going to be spent with my husband and my dog, because I can't get that back.  And I miss them.  So that settles that.  But hey, I exercise on the weekends and when I get home early, which is better than nothing.  But if my husband is home, we're spending time together.  Period!

You might be thinking something like, "Nicole, in the midst of all your rampant failure, are you succeeding at anything?"

Why, yes - I'm very glad you asked.  I've been keeping my calorie intake between 1300-1500 a day and I've been drinking my 64 ounces of water every day.  You may remember me saying I'd have no more than 1300 calories a day.  Well, some days that's just too damn hard, so we're going with 1300-1500.  Also, about 90% of my diet consists of whole foods and foods with few, natural ingredients.

And hey, it's working!  I'm at 228.5 today, which is a 2.9 pound loss from two weeks ago.  Victory!  I am acutely aware that I really haven't lost any weight for the past 6 months, but this is not something that concerns me.  Why?  Well, because my belt has gotten too big for me, and only in the last month.  I had to take yet another link out of my watch over the past month.  Everyone I see says, "Wow, you've lost more weight!"  My parents even said this to me last weekend, and they wouldn't just say it to be nice.  If there's one thing I could count on them for it's to be completely honest with me.  My mother would have no problem saying, "Wow, you look like you're packing it on," or "So I guess you're done losing weight, huh?"  She does it with the best intentions, I'm sure.  (Or something like that...LOL)

So anyway...228.5 today.  Success!  I'm hoping - HOPING! - to be at 220 by the time we leave for our beach vacation on July 11th.  It may or may not happen...I'm not sweating it. 

Happy Friday!!!


LABleedsBlue said...

I too am a grazer and always have been. I need to put a padlock on the fridge and pantry that does not allow ME in after a certain time. I wonder if this will be an affordable option?

My wonderful mom says the same things to me: "It looks like all the weight your aunt is losing is going straight to you."

Have a great weekend!

Annah said...

Slowly but surely you're getting somewhere. I've been such a lazy cow lately even though I'm supposed to be on some "major diet plan" or something. All I do is eat pastas and burgers (it's the easiest shit to cook too what can I say?). Ten year reunion is around the corner and I gained 60 pounds. HOLY CRAP! That means I'll have gained 120 by the 20 year reunion. Oh my oh my. But food is so yummy... it's hard to say no.

Barbara said...

You DEFINITELY have the right attitude! Sure, getting into shape is important, but we can't define our lives by how much weight we lost this week! You have done so well in relatively short time.

I remember looking back at your earliest posts and being amazed and inspired by your progress. You were 298.2 at your high, and look at you now!!! Just 228.5 today. That's nearly 79 pounds -- half a person!

We ARE going to make it! Slowly, maybe, but we are going to be two fine lookin' ladies (okay, so you'll be a fine lookin' young lady and I'll be a find lookin' old lady, but what the heck!)

Nicole said...

You girls are so wonderful! :) I love that we can all support each other and give encouragement. Thank you for your sweet comments...we're in this together!