Sunday, June 6, 2010

Get Foxy!

As of today, we have 5 weeks until we leave for one of my favorite vacations of the summer - the beach!  My sister and I want to be as super foxy as possible by then, so we devised a little plan to help us along.

I'm stealing the blog entry idea from a gorgeous, motivated, fit friend of mine who is doing awesome with her weight loss.  She's lost over 70 pounds thus far, and she has a little get fit(ter) plan for summer too.  So I stole her "list" idea, and also her idea of sharing it on a blog for the world to see.  (Or at least the small world of people that read!)

Here are the steps my sister and I are going to take to Get Foxy! by the time we leave for the beach!  This is how I presented the plan to my sister, verbatim.

1)  No more than 1300 calories a day.
2)  NO MORE REFINED SUGAR.  Just like how we started out a year ago. No more. If we want something sweet, it has to be organic sugar or non-refined. No exceptions. No white bread, no white pasta, no white potatoes, no white flour. Nada.
3)  Exercise. Five days a week. No less. On those days, eat 300-400 more calories. Make sure to eat the extra calories or we won't burn fat.
4)  Weighing in every Friday, but we've been doing that.
5)  64 ounces of water every day. EVERY DAY.

Some of these won't be tough for me - the water and the weighing will be fine.  The other stuff will be a challenge, but so be it.

My fabulous friend makes these into a list on her blog, and she updates every day.  That's what I'll be doing also.  I'm an idea thief!

Starting tomorrow, there will be a post a day for then next 34 days.  That's a lot of work.  LOL

Happy Sunday!!!

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laura said...

What a FANTASTIC idea! You've got a smart friend out there... but you know what? She stole the idea from someone else too!

I'm in ONEderland as of this morning! 199 baby! WooHoo! So yes, this checklist on the blog is TOTALLY working. It keeps me accountable when I'd rather lay around and watch TV. I don't want anyone who is reading my blogs to be let down. (sad that we are perfectly okay disappointing ourselves, but we don't want to let down these cyberspace strangers...)

85.5 pounds down... 49.5 to go.