Saturday, April 17, 2010

Before and After

Okay...before I post these, I just have to say that I can't believe these hideous pictures of me are going to be floating around in cyberspace.  LOL  I don't think this post needs a whole lots of words, because the pictures surely speak for themselves.

This picture was actually taken AFTER I started my diet. I think I was about 265 here - July 2009.  I almost barfed when I saw this picture.  LOL

These pictures were taken 7 months earlier on Christmas Eve, 2008.  I was tipping the scales at 298 here, and I'm sure I floated over into the 300 range at some point.

Do you love my fat arm?  LOL  I've had 4 links taken out of my watch since then.

And that's my beautiful sister with me, though she looks much more foxy today.  She's very rock and roll!

And here's the after, at 227.2:

The first three photos are very similar, but I liked them all for different reasons.  The first one I liked because it shows my almost-skinny arm holding the camera.  LOL  The second one I liked because it shows my much skinnier (and stronger!) legs.  And the last one shows my great boobs, but the picture quality takes away from that a bit.  ;)  I had to take them all myself because Hubs wasn't around, so I'm sorry they couldn't be better!  I'll have to get some newer ones soon.  Definitely when we go on vacation next month - and I have a new mini-goal to be under 220 by then.  :)

The last picture was taken maybe 2 or 3 months ago, but there was only a few pounds difference.  I thought it was a good pic to show that my face isn't nearly as disgustingly chubbly as it used to be!  LOL

Oh, and you know what's awesome?  I showed Hubs those before pictures of me, most notably the one of my in the bathing suit.  I blew it up really big on my computer too.  LOL  And you know what he said?

"That's okay, you still looked nice.  And look at your boobs!"

While the last comment may be very typical for a man, the first comment is the one that speaks volumes about my husband.  He is accepting of so much, and he looks so much deeper than just the physical.  And he's gorgeous!!!  I think I'll keep him.  ;)

4 links out of my watch, 6 inches off the waist of all of my pants, and 4 notches over on my belt.  I'm doing okay.  :)

Happy weekend!

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Barbara said...

Oh, my goodness, Nicole! Your hubby was right -- you were good lookin' in the before photo (YES were!) but you are really "shaping up" into a hottie. Your progress has been amazing and it's been fun to run your blog. I've gotten a lot of tips and much much inspiration!

Please post more photos when you can. It's helpful for me (and I'm sure other dieters) to see what is possible when we stick to it.