Friday, April 16, 2010


I'm lazy because I'm not putting up pictures!  LOL  Gosh, that's so time-consuming.  Also, it's a little tough for me right now...  I'm working in a state prison this month and can't take any electronics in with me, not even my cell phone.  So I can't photograph anything I eat there.  :(  I'll have to resume next month, maybe...but I'm also thinking that I should stop posting the food I eat.  It kind of takes the focus off of what this lifestyle change is supposed to be all about, because it's NOT all about the food.  It's about feeling healthy and happy, and living a different life than the one I was living a year ago.  I think the focus needs to be taken away from the food a little bit!  With that said though, I do still record my food in the LoseIt! app on my iTouch so that I can keep track of my calories.  (Calorie-counting works for me...I know some people hate it, but I love it!)  And shouldn't that be enough?  I'm thinking so.

In any case, I'm down to 227.2 this week!  That's a 2-pound loss.  I'm going to post before and after pics this weekend, so that'll be fun.  ;)

Happy Friday, folks!


Barbara said...

WOW Congrats on the 2 pound loss ... you're doing great! I misread your post at first and thought you said you were in a state prison this month (I missed the word "working" in...) and I was taken aback at first -- YOU??? I should have known better!!!

I see you're one of those young high-tech gals -- how neat! I refuse to use any device so small I need to wear my glasses to use it, so an iphone is out.

Can't wait to see more pics!

Nicole said...

Thanks so much, darling! :) Yes, just working in the state prison...LOL I haven't quite channeled my inner criminal yet!

The iTouch has been my savior. If you ever do decide you're feeling gadget-y, go for that one. It'll change your life!