Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Ugly Truth

I can't lie to you.  I am HUNGRY today.  I woke up hungry, which is really not something I ever do.  I usually wake up just wanting coffee, and the whole breakfast thing doesn't even hit me until about 2 hours later.  But today I woke up with a growling stomach.  Like, for real.

I'm trying to figure out why but I haven't so far.  Hubs and I did go out for dinner last night, and I did leave stuffed, which didn't make me all that happy.  But no matter, it's just one meal.  The point is, usually when I've had a big dinner I'm even less hungry for breakfast the next day.

Could it be because it's that time of the month?  Sure, I suppose.  Happens to a lot of women.  It has not, however, been something that typically happens to me.  I'll find myself wanting certain kinds foods more, like salty things, but I'm not really hungrier.  Today though, the hunger is not my friend.

Despite this, I've done very well.  I even came home and ran for 30 minutes even though I detested the idea.  I had a yummy Purple Monster after working out, and I've got an Amy's Vegetable Lasagna in the oven right now that will be done in 30 minutes.  (Our microwave is being shipped.  Hallelujah!) This is all wonderful, so let me not tell you that there were maybe two handfuls of sour cream and onion chips (loaded with MSG) in the pantry, and they were screaming my name so loud I thought I was psychotic, so I ate them.  Let me not tell you that.  It's not going to ruin my day - I keep my calorie count from 1200-1500, and I will end up closer to 1500 today than 1200.  So it's not going to kill me.  But that behavior...that stupid, instant gratification kind of behavior...I've got work to do.

Damn you, addicted brain!!!  Damn you!

(Happy Wednesday!)

The lovely and successful Barbara over at The Pound-a-Week blog was kind enough to comment on my before and after photos.  You're super sweet, Barbara.  :)  Thank you!!!  And I'm glad you like it over here in my tiny little blog world, because I like it in yours as well.  Thanks for the feel-good motivated me to post today!

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