Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Damn You, Universe!

I still haven't used our shiny new treadmill. :( And I'm really not making excuses. I had an appointment with my allergist yesterday and realized that my asthma is making me crazy because I have a raging sinus infection. Good times, no? I'm definitely feeling better thanks to some antibiotics, but my lungs are still a bit angry with me. (Post-nasal drip. YUM.) I'd rather keep them calm and quiet, and exercise would throw that right out the window. It just means that I have to watch my calories extra-closely.

I was super proud of myself today because I had lunch with some of my colleagues at an Asian restuarant. Now...I LOVE Asian food - the crispier and oilier the better. But today I opted for steamed brown rice (ate 2/3 of a cup), steamed broccoli and snap peas, and about 3 oz of steamed tofu. I drizzled on some soy sauce and went right into Chinese heaven. :) It was delicious! Can't say it was completely satisfying though, and I kind of wished I'd had a bit more rice. But I ended up having a banana on my commute home which filled me nicely.

Breakfast was my "regular"; lately I've been doing coffee with Splenda and 2/3 Tbsp. organic half and half, Ezekiel toast with almond butter (and 1 Tbsp. of honey today for fun!), a container of non-fat Fage, and 1/4 cup of blueberries. Scrummy. :)

Dinner was 1/4 cup steel-cut oats with the following mix-ins: 1/2 medium banana, 1 Tbsp. organic almond butter, and 1 Tbsp. milk chocolate chips (for fun again!). I also had a handful of Doritos while the oatmeal was cooking. Bad girl!

Total calories today were 1374. About 100 higher than I'd like, but life goes on. Next time maybe I'll skip the Doritos and the honey...but not the chocolate chips. ;)

Weigh-in is coming up on Thursday. My fingers are crossed!


monicaonthego.com said...

Life is too short to skip the chocolate chips for sure :)

Comestiblog said...

Nicole, have you tried agave nectar in place of sugar or artificial sweeteners? Please pardon this shameless bit of self-promotion, but I have a Comestiblog post that may interest you.