Sunday, December 27, 2009

The North Face

I'll get to the title in a bit. ;)

Hubs and I are on vacation in the White Mountains at the moment - we got here on Saturday and will be staying until Friday (or Saturday if I get my way!). So far on the food front, things have been absolutely disastrous. LOL Honestly, I'm very disgusted with myself. Usually it's not too bad because we're always very active up here, but it was raining yesterday and today so we haven't been able to do much hiking. But oh...we have been eating. I estimate that I've eaten over 3000 calories yesterday and today - each day, I mean. I decided to tally my breakfast this morning and realized I'd had 940 calories...before 8:30 AM. Chalk that up to two extra large breakfast sausages (475 calories) that I didn't initially order, but when the waitress said, "Would you like any bacon, ham, or sausage with that?" I caved. It's a throw back to the BK Lounge drive-through breakfast behavior, and I realize that now. That behavior is NOT acceptable, and it will NOT happen tomorrow. I will be making better choices, and the fact that the weather is going to be beautiful for the rest of our vacation will REALLY help with our activity level. I'm definitely looking forward to that!

So, about the title...

Hubs and I are pretty big outdoors-y types. We love hiking and kayaking; our favorite activity is hiking though, and I think we're pretty hardcore. We recently became members of the Appalachian Mountain Club, which was really cool for us. And we hike pretty much every season of the year, rain or shine. We came up here for my birthday week in October and hiked in freezing cold rain and fog, we've hiked in snow...we just love to HIKE. And even before I lost weight I enjoyed hiking, though it's much easier for me now. ;)

So anyway, over the past year or two Hubs and I have accumulated some really nice hiking gear. We have several pairs of Merrells, great North Face hiking packs, and for Christmas Hubs bought me a North Face shell to go over my North Face Denali fleece. Hubs already had a North Face Denali fleece and shell; I had the fleece but really needed a waterproof shell. Hubs got a bad ass winter coat for Christmas, which he can't wear in weather over 30 degrees because he'll sweat. LOL

Now...if you click on the link to my shell and my fleece, you'll notice that they're men's. That's because I have NEVER been able to fit into any women's clothing from The North Face. I always used to blame the size of my boobs (which are big), but that was just another excuse I made for being too fat. (Note: I do buy North Face pants in men's sizes, but that really is because the women's aren't long enough unless I can find talls, which I swear don't exist. I've got an almost 34-inch inseam - it's a blessing and a curse.) The problem with men's styles of North Face tops and coats is that, well...they're masculine. So it kind of sucks.


Since it was raining here today, Hubs and I made it our shopping day. We bought some great North Face Gore-Tex pants for snow hiking, but it took Hubs a considerably longer amount of time to find his because he's worse than a woman when he shops. In the meantime, I wandered over to the women's section just for shits and giggles. I caught a glance of a gorgeous jacket...extra large. It looked awfully big, and I thought to myself, That looks like it would fit. However, I've had that thought before and it's betrayed me, so I can't say I was feeling too confident.

I looked around for Hubs but he was nowhere to be found. He obviously was trying on his eighth pair of pants. ;) I felt like I had a little time, so I set down my purse and took off my men's North Face jacket. I made sure no one was looking - I certainly didn't want anyone to witness me trying to squeeze my arm into a tight little armhole, or battling with a zipper that just wasn't going to go up past my boob line (not thanks to my boob size...more like thanks to my back fat). When I was satisfied that there were no recon missions underway, I quietly slipped on the jacket...

...and zipped it right up to my neck.

Let me tell you something...I REJOICED. Inside I did a happy dance that I hadn't done in a long time. When Hubs got out of the dressing room I told him what happened. Ladies, if I ever die in a fiery car crash, track down my husband, because he is a GOOD man. He is the most supportive, most beautiful human being this world has ever seen. He asked if I wanted to get one next month, and I said no, that I still wanted to lose about 35 pounds (probably 45 after this trip). So he said that when I hit my goal, or whatever weight I'm comfortable with, that he will take my North Face fleece and shell for himself (he wanted a new one of both anyway), and I can get a new one of both. Never mind that it's a $700 combination. Hubs will let me get one anyway, because he is amazing.

I could fit into a women's North Face Jacket. THAT is victory.