Wednesday, December 16, 2009

God Help Me...

Dear Lord...I have to hydrate and restrict tomorrow in a big way.

Today was a special day for me. My dad, who was technically my stepdad, officially adopted me today! Why did it take so long? Well, Bio-Dad wouldn't relinquish his parental rights many years ago when we asked the first time, and then as the years went by my dad and I forgot about it. I guess because he was always Dad, so a piece of paper didn't make a difference. But a few months ago, it occured to me that I didn't need Bio-Dad to give his blessing; as an adult, I was able to make the decision on my own. And so it goes that my dad adopted me today, and I'm thrilled. And so is he. :D

After the adoption, he took us all out for dinner. I decided to make tonight my cheat meal because I knew we were going to a place that has the best burgers ever, and I wanted one! I had an awesome burger with guacamole, onions, lettuce, and tomato; I asked them to hold the cheese, mayo, and bacon. I also had a few French fries and shared a brownie sundae with my sister. Earlier in the day I had two pieces of Ezekiel bread with 1 Tbsp. almond butter (250 cals), coffee (50 cals), half of a Kashi cereal bar for a snack (55 cals), and Amy's No Chicken Noodle soup for lunch (180 cals). So I had quite a few calories left over for dinner. Not enough to keep me on track for the day, but still not bad.

If I just left it there, I would have been fine.

Instead, I came home and had 3 homemade chocolate chip cookies (200 cals), a brownie from Starbucks (probably 400 cals), and like 3 f*cking servings of Doritos (450 cals). Let's not talk about how badly I messed up today, but let's not forget this when I don't hit my mini-goal by Christmas Eve. All my fault.

Tomorrow is dinner and drinks with my girlfriend, but the fact that I'm on call saves me. I can only have one glass of wine then, and I fully intend on ordering steamed fish and steamed veggies for dinner, period. Friday night is dinner with Hubs and our friend and his wife. Our friend's wife is cooking - so far I know there will be butternut squash soup. She asked what we wanted and I requested something healthy. I know I'll have a few drinks that night, but I'm skipping dessert except for maybe two or three bites of Hubs'.

I won't be able to weigh myself Friday morning because I'll be staying at my girlfriend's house Thursday night to be close to the hospital for call (our house is 90 miles north of the hospital!). I won't weigh myself Saturday after the night out with our friends... Perhaps I'll just weigh in on Christmas Eve day. We shall see.


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