Friday, December 11, 2009

Just a Quick Thought...

...I DO love the Hungry Girl cookbook. But man...those recipes sure do call for a lot of processed, unnatural foods.

I find myself replacing some of the nastier ingredients with regular, more natural versions. For example, a few of her recipes call for sugar-free syrup. Do yourself a favor and NEVER eat that. Or at least look at the ingredient list if you're thinking of it. Maple syrup should have maple syrup in it...period. Sugar-free syrup has like 10 ingredients, and not one of them is syrup.

The things I make from that book I've been trying to make as naturally/organically as possible, even if it does raise the calories a bit. Fat-free cheese = CHEMICALS. Go for full-fat and use less.

It was all really exciting in the beginning, and I'm still really glad we got the book, but there are some things I'll NEVER be making.

That's all. Just a quick thought!

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