Sunday, December 6, 2009

Polish Love was today's problem (she says, making an excuse for her behavior).

Hubs and I had a BIG shopping day today. We went to Cabela's in Hamburg, PA, and did a ton of purchasing - some for ourselves, some for others. Prior to this we had breakfast, which was a whopping 676 calories for me. I had a coffee, one piece of bacon, 1 oz. of ham, one mini turkey sausage patty, one biscuit with cinnamon and sugar, some homefries, and 3/4 cup of Egg Beaters. Now...I knew this was going to be a lot, but I was okay with that. I knew we were going to be really busy this morning. I also knew that this breakfast would hold me past lunch, and that I could get away with a small snack and dinner this evening. The problem? The problem was when Hubs reminded me that there was an authentic Polish deli we've been wanting to try. Authentic pierogies? gotta count me in for that. I don't know how to say no to little pouches of potato lovingly formed by the hands of an old Polish woman. (Seriously, they were.) Oh, and they also had ridiculously good-looking stuffed cabbage. So lunch was 6 pierogies and a 5-oz. piece of stuffed cabbage. That was a total of 650, which took me to a grand total of 1326 calories. By 1:30 PM. I told Hubs I was done for the day, it didn't matter if I was hungry later or not.

Well, it did matter, and I ate about 2 servings of Sweet Chili Brown Rice chips for 280 calories. Grand total of 1600, which is hideous.

It is now 5:20 PM, and I will be hungry again tonight. It's when I have a night like this that I want to say, "Meh, screw it. We'll start over tomorrow."

Unhealthy behavior, for sure.

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