Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why, Satan? WHY?!

I enjoyed the presence of potato chips in this world a LOT more when I wasn't counting calories.

Not even just potato chips - ANY kind of chips. Tonight, to be specific, it's riceworks Sweet Chili brown rice chips. Oh my God, please...these are so delicious and so wrong. They are so strongly seasoned and just make my mouth all tight and burn-y (salt and spices, respectively). They are hideously addictive, and though there is no MSG listed in the ingredients, they do contained hydrolyzed soy and/or corn protein which has free glutamate - may as well just be MSG. Perhaps this is why I am like a starving bear at a campsite when I open the bag. And why do I even open the bag to begin with? Goooood question. I scarfed down 2 servings today - only 20 chips for a crazy 280 calories. I could have had 4+ bowls of pumpkin for that.

I did add them into my calorie limit for the day, which sucks even though I know I have to do it. I could have had much better food for all of those calories. I'm still only at a total of 1335 for the day, but that's not the point. The point is that, for some reason, I'm having trouble controlling myself lately. If I want to hit my mini-goal by Christmas I'm going to have to start working a lot harder.


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Vanessa said...

I love these. And my Costco just quit carrying them. Jerks.